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Corporate Strategy

Skip to main content. In order to achieve our ambitious vision for the area, four corporate priorities have been identified which will drive the work of the Council going forward: A strong economy and growth A focus on prevention A new relationship with customers and communities An efficient business. Your Council and Democracy. Events Listings September Should a startup build its own salesforce or rely on third party distributors?

Should an entrepreneur focus on a single niche or expand scope to serve many verticals?

Thus while the course naturally covers strategy in large diversified companies, it also features smaller companies that appear to operate in a single business. By studying different strategies at firms like Danaher and Clorox, it introduces a continuum, ranging from conglomerates and private equity firms to tightly related corporate entities and startups, and demonstrates that the same logic of "better off" and "ownership" tests applies to every effective corporate strategy.

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This logic can be captured in a company's statement of its objective, scope and corporate advantage. This module therefore examines these design choices, focusing on the size and roles of corporate headquarters in shaping and controlling business unit strategy and performance, building centres of competence, and sharing activities.

As a result, they face a range of strategic choices—what kinds of products to introduce, how to position them, which customers to sell them to, etc.

Understanding Corporate Strategy and Business Strategy - Developing Consulting Skills

Building on several years of research into companies and successful strategies all around the world, The Boston Consulting Group BCG developed the Strategy Palette to help companies understand and navigate the strategic environment that they compete in. Unpredictability is often reflected in the volatility of demand trends, earnings, and competitive rankings.

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Malleable markets are those in an early stage of development with the rules of the game such as, regulatory structures, standards, etc. Harshness is defined when an industry goes through a period of low or negative growth, loses money and many companies in that industry face the challenge of even staying viable.

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  • Each environment requires a different strategic approach to be successful. Successful approaches in one environment will not replicate sustainable success in another environment. Based on this thinking, the companies evaluated for the Mint Corporate Strategy Awards were grouped into one of four strategic environments depending on the level of unpredictability, malleability and harshness of their respective industries.

    Mint then constituted a jury of industry leaders and influencers to examine the list of finalists, discuss recent developments for each company, and select the winners.